Log store design ideas

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Cut firewood stacked up

Log burners are a must-have item and to keep one well fed you will need to stack your logs. A log store needs to keep the worst of the rain off your logs and allow air to circulate around the wood. If you just dump all your wooden logs in a heap and expect them to get on with it, then you are destined for disappointment. A log store will make sure your logs are ready to use at the drop of a hat (or the drop in temperature).

Different ideas to utilise space

A log store needs to have a roof and be deep enough to allow a couple of layers deep of logs. Ideally, it will be placed near the house or wherever the log burner is situated. It saves that mid evening dash up the garden, head torch in place, in freezing temperatures to stock up.

  1. Log stores are easily situated next to sheds, indeed utilising one wall of the shed (or garage) – think of one as a lean-to store.
  2. You could utilise the space below a large potting table if you have one outside. It will make a great place to tinker with your plants and down below becomes a dry place to cure your wooden logs.
  3. Run one along the whole length of your shed.

In fact, log stores can be shaped to fit any space you have. The two principles are to keep the rain off and let air circulate (and that’s why cramming logs inside a shed isn’t the best idea; they will rot as opposed to dry). Ready-made pyramid style log stores look great in a modern garden and stores in a traditional barn shape are perfect for most. It’s also a clever idea to build

Ready-made pyramid style log stores look great in modern gardens, and stores in a traditional barn shape are perfect for most. It’s also a clever idea to build in a shelf to take all your kindling. It too needs to be dry with air circulating around to ensure your fire gets off to a  roaring start.


The bottom line is this: if you have a wood burner, you need a log store. Just make or buy one, position it correctly and enjoy the heat from your logs.
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