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Why you should get your kids into the garden Finding things to keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays can be a headache but there’s a great playground right on your doorstep – your garden. Kids love gardening in short bursts and letting them help you, or even develop their own plot, is a great way to get them off the sofa and out of the house. They’ll learn a lot about plants, sharing and working together and you’ll have the chance to spend meaningful family time with them.

When you take over an allotment, it’s quite possible that you will inherit a tangled jungle that you’ll have to clear before you can plant your crops. Here are a few suggestions that will help tame your wild allotment and keep it under control. Starting out The sight of a tangle of weeds can be daunting, but don’t be tempted to cut them down or use a rotivator. Cutting them down will only encourage re-growth while the use of a rotivator will disturb the soil – bringing dormant seeds to

The old shed down the bottom of the garden doesn’t need to stay old and boring and only used as storage, escape the shed life, you could spice it up by turning it into a garden room; a space just for you, as a place to escape to. Perhaps you could benefit from a workshop area, where you could have a workbench, tool racks and other pieces of equipment to maintain the motor vehicles you own and love. You may decide to create a calm, relaxed area in the garden

For many people, the garden shed will need sorting out in the New Year. Over the winter we tend to forget about the garden shed outside, find ourselves throwing bits and bobs in and then they end up missing and therefore we end up replacing them. It’s important to keep your belongings tidy because you will find you will save time, money and effort to keep it presentable. Buy Sheds Direct are willing to help you have a tidy up in the New Year, and make your new years resolutions

The perfect Christmas present for the children is always a hard one isn’t it, just seems like they have everything doesn’t it! Buy Sheds Direct can help you out this year, making it easy and affordable! Our wooden playhouse range offers you the best entertainment for the little ones, great fun and allows their imaginations to run wild! Maybe you already have a run down, wooden playhouse at the bottom of the garden that they aren’t too interested in anymore and you think it needs refreshing, now is the ideal

Preparation for winter: Removing any canes and supports in your plot left from the summer crops, ensuring you store them safely and somewhere dry, such as garden storage areas. Why is this? So that they can be re-used….you need to care for your canes, as they are technically caring for your plants. After use, you should make sure they are stored away; this will prevent rotting from the rain and snow, maintaining their sturdy structure to support your crops. Cane fruits need little attention during the winter, other than making

Seasoning your firewood in one of our Log stores Having your own open fire is a real treat, by preparing your own firewood you could save money and have a sense of accomplishment. The process of seasoning, or drying, your firewood can take a long time but is vital. Fresh timbers can contain between 30 to 60 % water and wont burn well in your fireplace. If you did try to burn wet logs you will generate more particulates and greenhouse gases or even creosote (or tar). All of this

1 – Gardeners’ World The Gardeners’ World site is pretty much the ultimate resource for someone new to gardening. The site features a great gardening calender with weekly tips and an extensive ‘how to’ section covering projects and problem solving. There’s also a plants database detailing 100’s of plants and flowers. If you can’t find the help you need from the main pages there is also a forum section, on which you can post those burning questions. 2 – RHS This is a great reference site to any budding gardener,

 Living outdoors There’s nothing quite like fresh air to give you an appetite and with the warmer weather already here, what could be nicer than the thought of dining alfresco or taking in the night air with a few friends. Whether your idea of heaven is an intimate meal for two under the stars or entertaining family around the BBQ, we have plenty of ideas to help make the most of your outdoor space this spring and summer. Dinning alfresco under the gazebo / summer house If you want to

People are also becoming greener by recycling more, with a growing number of councils providing people with the means to be more efficient. After the recent recession, people have become savvy and more aware of saving money, so being efficient is a priority, and one that naturally comes hand in hand with being green. Besides helping us to save on our energy bills and generally consume less, choosing to be green will also help you do your bit for the environment. Renewable energy is energy that is generated using an

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