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Your garden shed no doubt contains the essentials; gloves, lopper, hand trowel, soil knife, a watering wand, and probably a couple of your favourite gadgets. One other essential you should add to your tool kit is your smartphone, or tablet. Here is a starter collection of apps that are essential for the serious or beginning gardener: Organic Gardening Magazine One of the main reasons that many people enjoy gardening is the “back to nature” angle. Many gardeners have decided that loading the soil with chemicals and spraying their plants with pesticides

The longest day of the year was last Sunday, marking the start of summer. Soon enough the school year will be finishing and children will be let loose for a couple of months to enjoy the outdoors and some time to spend with their friends. As the weather will be steadily getting better over the next couple of months, there is no excuse not to spend a lot of your free time in the garden with your family and friends, so here we give you a few ideas of what

The weather is now warming up and soil conditions are such that new plant shoots are appearing everywhere with a surge of new growth kick-starting the summer garden. Now is the time to set out young plants that you have bought from the garden centre or have grown on your own. It is also a great time to get the lawn sorted and fed, planting some colourful annuals, and to bring a bit of wildlife into the garden. Below is a guide to creating and maintaining the summer garden to

Whether a garden is designed by an amateur or a professional there are certain principles that form the basis of effective garden designs. Garden design elements include the layout of the hard landscape (paths, walls, water features, decking, sitting areas, and the plants). Here are some classic garden design ideas and a guide to using lines when designing a garden: 1. Box Hedges Many formal gardens have low to medium height box hedges as a common characteristic. They are typically formed into geometric shapes that enclose an informal mix of plantings.

Most gardeners will agree that keeping a lawn in top condition requires proper planning; they will also tell you that, once they have a beautiful, healthy lawn as the centre piece of their garden, the feeling of satisfaction makes it worthwhile. We will look at some ideas and tips to help you be the envy of your neighbourhood, family and friends. General, regular lawn maintenance also means that prevention is indeed better than cure. Why wait until you see yellow/brown patches, why wait until moss has taken over? Be prepared,

Planting bare-root trees is a process that must be done correctly; it is not that difficult, but is one that needs to be done in such a way to give the tree the best start in its new location. For those who do not know, bare-root trees are plants that are dug up from the ground during their dormant stage, which is typically in autumn. The roots of these bare-root trees are shaken free from soil and then kept cool and packed in a moist material like damp sawdust. This

The local ecosystem includes garden birds. It is simple to attract birds to your garden and doing so has certain benefits that include pest control, flower pollination, and weed control. A number of insects that may not be welcome in the garden include mosquitoes, aphids, spiders, and various others. Since many birds eat insects it makes sense to attract birds and thus encourage them to eat the natural insect resources that are around. Birds, such as hummingbirds as well as others, sip nectar and are great pollinators of flowers in

A raised bed garden patch raises one immediate concern for gardeners: unsuitable soil in an otherwise suitable location. Sometimes, it is the only option gardeners will have because of this or other pressing issues like rental properties being unsuitable for gardening. So, what is a raised bed garden and how can gardeners get started with one? Let’s have a look. Raised Bed Gardens A raised bed garden is an elevated surface, much like an open top box, that allows gardeners to position their ideal garden in an area that suits

Parents are often looking for ways to engage their kids in activities other than video games, the internet, and other modern technologies. One outdoor activity that parents can use to engage their children is gardening. In fact, it is never too early to introduce kids to the love of gardening and showing them how to grown their own food. There are a number of ways to bring kids into the garden, spark their interests, and keep them involved in gardening. The following tips are just a few ideas for sharing

Your front garden is the first impression guests will have as they make their way to your door. A garden that isn’t cared for can immediately give the wrong impression, even if the interior of your home is immaculate. You want the front of your home to enhance your overall home, a space you can be proud of and welcome guests to. There are a number of front garden decorating ideas, many of which will see you through the year with minimum maintenance. That is the key, the more you

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