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If you have a wood burner, you have to have a supply of dry logs. And that’s ‘dry’ as in seasoned and ‘dry’ as in not dripping wet from last night rain. A log store is the answer. Log store plans A good log store allows great air circulation between the logs (ideally, in a good stack the gaps between the logs should be large enough to allow a mouse to run through). All you really need is a roof on the thing to keep the rain off. Utilising the

Log burners are a must-have item and to keep one well fed you will need to stack your logs. A log store needs to keep the worst of the rain off your logs and allow air to circulate around the wood. If you just dump all your wooden logs in a heap and expect them to get on with it, then you are destined for disappointment. A log store will make sure your logs are ready to use at the drop of a hat (or the drop in temperature). Different

There has been a massive upsurge in wood burner installations. This has obviously resulted in many more piles of wood being stored in preparation for colder nights. But only dry wood burns well, so a log store is an essential part of the garden. Dry wood can mean two things. Wood can be dry in that the overall moisture content is low i.e. it has been cut and dried for a year or more, resulting in a material that will burn efficiently. Dry can also mean it has been kept

Be it a Man Cave or She Shed, a secret snug is a place to savour. If yours is draughty, leaky and prone to spiders, moths and mice, then perhaps you need to put a little effort in to get it cosy. It doesn’t take much. Clear the clutter No-one wants to share a space with a torn hessian sack or half empty and damp bag of charcoal (or is that just me?). With the rubbish gone, give the whole place a tidy. Find space elsewhere (garage perhaps?) for anything

There is no finer sight in the garden than a well-built shed. Storage is sorted, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is guaranteed to last for years – a great shed is worth its weight in gold. Putting one up is easy and satisfying. How to decide which type of shed to use: You’ve got to choose the right shed to suit your requirements. The popular choice of material is wood – easy to maintain, looks natural (and indeed it is!) and blends into any garden space. Metal sheds are suited

The best houses are built on strong foundations – and that goes for sheds as well! This is my guide on how to build a shed base… Why do you need a shed base? It’s obvious really, but I’ll say it anyway. Get your base level and strong and your shed will be a happy one. Simply plonk your beautiful new shed on uneven, soft soil and guess what? When you try and put it up the drilled holes won’t match, the doors will never hang correctly and chances are

If you enjoy DIY or have a hobby that involves making things, then you’ve probably discovered that making a mess inside the house doesn’t go down well with the rest of your family. A garden workshop is the ideal solution – a dedicated space for you to tinker and fix things in peace. But setting up a garden workshop is a job in its own right, and with every home project, it pays to plan ahead. We’ve assembled some tips of our own for getting the most out of your

Garden sheds, log cabins and greenhouses are great additions to nearly every garden – but the rules about what you can build can be complicated. Most ‘outbuildings’, as they are referred to, are considered to be ‘permitted development’ and so don’t require planning permission except in certain circumstances. This applies to houses – there are more stringent regulations for the owners of flats and apartments. Even for house-owners there are several conditions for permitted developments including: No building in front of the line of the house Maximum height is 2.5

A children’s playhouse is an excellent addition to a garden – it’s a great way of encouraging them to come outside and be active instead of sitting in front of a screen. They can be used all year round as well, so can be ideal as a special Christmas gift. What sort of playhouse is best? There are four main types of playhouses available, with a variety of features that will appeal to children in different ways. Wooden playhouses are the traditional and most popular type of playhouse. Plastic playhouses

Your garden shed no doubt contains the essentials; gloves, lopper, hand trowel, soil knife, a watering wand, and probably a couple of your favourite gadgets. One other essential you should add to your tool kit is your smartphone, or tablet. Here is a starter collection of apps that are essential for the serious or beginning gardener: Organic Gardening Magazine One of the main reasons that many people enjoy gardening is the “back to nature” angle. Many gardeners have decided that loading the soil with chemicals and spraying their plants with pesticides

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