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After weeks of anticipation and shed loads of breath-taking, inspirational and ingenious sheds, at last it’s time for the grand final! So far we’ve seen six category winning sheds make it to the final and there are still two more places up for grabs. Before we see who was crowned winner of Shed of the Year 2016, let’s meet the amazing sheds in the final two categories… What happened in episode 4? The Budget shed category finalists: This is the thriftiest category ever as the sheds in this category cost

We are half way through the shed world’s equivalent to the Oscars. Last week’s episode of our favourite TV show – Shed of the year saw the Eco and Unexpected shed categories which included a shed which housed a crocodile and a shed which raises off the ground, this week’s episode was nothing short of amazing either. On Friday night’s episode George Clark introduced us to the 4 finalists in the Workshop/Studio category and the 4 finalists in the Pub/Entertainment category. Let’s look at the fine sheds which are on

On Friday night we saw the second episode of the fantastic ‘Shed of the Year’ and wasn’t it a great one! Last week’s episode saw the Unique and Historic shed categories where we were introduced to some very inspirational and far out spaces and this week was no different. So far the sheds which we have seen have been awe inspiring and quite frankly bonkers! During episode 2 we met some of the finalists that could be in the running to take the shed crown! What happened in episode 2? The

On Friday night we saw the triumphant return of the highly anticipated and hotly contested event in every shed owner’s calendar – Shed of the Year. Now, in its tenth year, this uniquely British competition celebrates the splendour of all things shed! The once humble garden shed has become a home for hidden passions, hobbies, cutting edge design and some rather surprising new uses. This competition is a true celebration of eccentricity – by the shed load! To kick off this year’s shed showdown the first episode showed the finalists

After what seems like a lifetime since the shortlisted favourites were announced, we are pleased to say that there has been an update on the 2016 Shed of the Year competition! Yesterday, Shedblog announced that the competition will be airing on TV from next Friday and will also be available on 4OD if you can’t catch it when it shows on Channel 4. Shed of the Year TV air dates Starting from Friday 29th July, the 2016 edition of Shed of the Year will air at 8.00pm. There will be 4 episodes

After Shed of the Year 2016 saw a record-breaking 2,825 entries submitted the judges must have had a really difficult job narrowing down each category to just 4 submissions each for the shortlist. We took a look at the shortlisted entries and chose our favourites from each of the categories to give you an idea of the sheds being entered and who the potential winner could be! A selection of our favourite sheds Have you ever experienced a flood and had your shed suffer from the damage? Not to mention

Shed of the Year is back for 2016! We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic entries hoping to win the coveted grand prize and be crowned Best Shed of 2016. Last year saw some incredible creations, and we covered all of them from the entries right through to the winner of the competition. It is greeat to see so many people getting involved and making something special out of something so ordinary, so this year we are doing a feature on the whole competition, starting with the categories and