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About Nigel Clarke Nigel works on both Foods Matter and Green Legacy Guernsey websites.  The foods matter website is an absolute must if you suffer from allergies and is run by the wonderful Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, who has also provided an article for Green Fingers here. The article on Green Legacy Guernsey will help you get a  picture of how after about fifty years working with plants Nigel found himself writing  pointers on how to create an Allergy friendly garden. Another site recommended by Nigel is Safe Gardening. This website is

There’s been quite a lot of discussion regarding depression and serotonin levels in recent years. Serotonin, the chemical in our brains responsible for mood regulation and overall emotional balance, is often linked to depression when levels fall out of a healthy range and can sometimes require chemical boosting in order to restore more healthy numbers. However, there has been promising research suggesting gardening can help boost these levels naturally. Mycobacterium Vaccae Mycobacterium vaccae are a family of harmless bacteria that live within the soil. These bacteria are responsible for normal

Gardening is a productive hobby to have and can lead to your outdoor areas looking spectacular, plus it can also be very good for your health. It has been found to act almost like a type of therapy and it can be very useful in reducing stress. This is a relatively well-known phenomenon, but the extent to which it can improve people’s lives is generally underestimated. The paper ‘Health, well-being and social inclusion: therapeutic horticulture in the UK’, by Joe Sempik et al., sets out the results of a study