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The British have had an on-off love affair with allotments for as long as most people can remember. Particularly over the last hundred years or so the humble allotment with its shed and intensely grown vegetables has been on a roller-coaster ride. Food shortages during the war years and renewed interest in leisure gardening in the 1970s saw allotment numbers to rise, while they declined again during the interwar years and the 50s and 60s, as the end of rationing and mass production of food saw a reduced need for

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Bradley Wiggins won gold in cycling for the men’s time trial. Wiggins beat German, Tony Martin, by being 42 seconds faster. He has now beaten Sir Steve Redgrave for having the most Olympic medals, seven in all four of which are gold. It turns out that in the run up to the Tour de France, Wiggins put his bike on rollers and spent weeks in his garden shed, training. This followed a painful end to 2011 following a crash which

  Butterflies in the garden are such a familiar and enjoyable sight, but year-on-year numbers have been dropping. So far, this years cool summer and the reduction in habitat throughout the UK, has led to a 22 % reduction in butterfly numbers. The volunteers from the charity Butterfly Conservation has been conducting research into butterfly numbers since 2009. Their findings have shown a steady decline in native butterfly numbers, on average the volunteers saw 80 butterflies and up to 8 species. The survey has shown that there has been around

Bees in the Garden With summer just round the corner, we are all used to seeing bees buzzing about in the garden. What many people forget is that bees are major pollinators around the world. In fact, over 70 of the worlds 100 top arable crop species which provide 90 % of the world’s food, are pollinated by bees. Our honey bees and bumblebees are part of the Apidae family, which is one of the most socially organised insects forming colonies. Colony collapse disorder – an end in sight? Last

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