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The weather has been a bit hit and miss throughout April, but that doesn’t mean that Summer isn’t on the way! One of the first things you need to do to get ready for Summer is to take a look at your outdoor buildings and structures to check them for damage or anything that needs repairing. Of course, if you are looking to replace some of your storage for the summer, or think you need a little extra space this year to relax in, check out the great selection below.

March at last – and it’s spring! Well, that’s the idea but forget about what is says it is – what exactly is it doing out there? If the soil is frozen and waterlogged then don’t waste your money and time in sowing seeds that will rot in the ground. Either wait until things get warmer, and it surely will as the sun is already sending the temperature in my greenhouse soaring (and then plummeting at night) or think about sowing indoors. Windowsills and greenhouses start to groan at this

With so many garden buildings to choose from it can sometimes get a little overwhelming or lead to a rash decision which can leave you disappointed with your purchase.  We took this opportunity to showcase five of our favourite garden buildings to help you along. The top 5 This 6 x 4 pressure treated overlap apex shed is perfect for smaller gardens that just need a bit extra storage space. Made from pressure treated wood, it won’t need to be re-treated for rot and fungal decay for at least 15

We love to see our children spending time outdoors, and playhouses give the perfect opportunity to do this as well as encouraging active and imaginative play. Our brand new range of attractive wooden playhouses will give children of all ages hours of fun in the garden and help to create the perfect play area. Imagine a corner shop, a beautiful dolls house, a pirate ship or an army base.  Whatever your children love you can create the ideal space for them to play with their siblings and friends and will

After the relative slumbers of the first month of the year, things begin to hasten now that February has blown in. The gales have had a few fence panels down but my new greenhouse stands firm. Gusts in the Midlands have been nothing like parts of the north, so I am happy the structure is here to stay and where it was put up! I still haven’t sorted the sparky out to run electricity to it yet (I’m, still recovering from the quote for the armoured cable and he has

New Years resolutions and a promise to work off the excesses of the festive period – that’s January for many. Unfortunately for some, January 2016 is also a time to clear up after devastating the floods. Gardens will be low priority for many in the big clear up, and it will be little comfort to know that many plants and lawns will naturally recover after a few weeks. However, I’m sure that a little comfort is better than no comfort at all. The temperatures this year are unusually warm and

As feverish talk about the odds of a white Christmas give way to the premature shattering of New Year’s resolutions, it would be fair to say that in winter gardeners have an excuse to sit back, snooze and dream of spring. With the lowest light levels of the year, impending snow warnings and reports on how local councils are running out of grit, winter is usually bottom of any favourite season of the year poll. But there is plenty to be doing in the garden and that all-important spring is

November can be a mixed up month. The halfway house between autumn and winter when leaves, particularly this year, cling on and show wonderful colour, whilst birds start tapping at windows asking for feeders to be filled and birdbaths to be cleaned and topped up. It’s also the traditional month to be burning dried twigs, cuttings and twigs. It’s a cathartic process of clean up and a superb time to get things in tip top order before the real winter strikes. Sheds and greenhouses can be tidied and any stored

Just because many plants are losing their leaves and preparing for winter doesn’t mean gardeners should slow down. In fact, this is one of the most active times of the year, with what we do now having a massive impact on how our garden will look next year.   Some quick tips for the garden in October: Those fallen leaves need sweeping, raking and turning into leaf mould. Half fill a bin liner or old compost sack with leaves. Puncture holes in the bag and leave at the back of

The spring and summer seasons have always served as the most opportunistic times to experience fun festivals throughout the world. Especially throughout the month of June, professional and amateur horticulturists alike come from every corner of the earth to celebrate the Green Fingers Festival at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Full of daily discussions and tips, tours and demos, this festival welcomes gardeners at any level. This year the Green Fingers Festival ran from June 1st to the 21st and featured talks by celebrity gardeners on certain weekends. This festival

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