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About Michelle Berriedale-Johnson  Michelle runs a site devoted to aiding those suffering from allergies – and also runs her own blog here. She is a self professed average Jane gardener who has achieved fantastic results. “I am not a professional gardener. Truth be told, I am not a very good amateur gardener either. I have never managed to work out what the PH of my soil is beyond north London clay, my cuttings rarely throw a shoot, the seeds I plant wither before they hit teenage-dom and on average, over the

About Phil McCann Phil McCann has worked on BBC Gardener’s World and is an experienced horticultrual consultant, previously working for the RHS, Unwins Seeds and Hillier Nurseries. Phil has kindly used his experience to provide us with a great 10-step guide to perfect container gardening, leaving few excuses not to get started straight away.   Choosing the correct container Containers come in all shapes and sizes and ultimately you should only choose one’s you are happy with. After all, you are the one having to look at it every day for

As you sit in your shed with a welcome cup of tea after a tough session on the allotment, you might spare a thought for the humble bee. These days, bees are having it pretty tough and their numbers are falling dramatically. What has this got to do with you, you may ask? Well, bees play a crucial role in the natural world and without them it would be a very different place. The role of bees The importance of bees cannot be underestimated. They are pollinators and, as such,

Allotments are a fun and good way to supplement your larder with healthy, fresh food. But they are also hard work so you want to be sure of getting the best results from your efforts. The key is to plan ahead; and a great way to start is to sit down with a cuppa by your allotment shed with a notebook or calendar and prepare a to-do list. As you survey your allotment it’s important to remember that you must rotate your crops, preferably on a three-year cycle. Growing the