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Following on from our showcase last year on community gardening projects across the UK, we have conducted an interview with Jeanne from Stanmer Community Gardening Group on the current projects they are running. They are a fantastic group of people and their project is extremely valuable to the community, so we are delighted to have been able to speak to Jeanne about it. The interview How would you describe your project and what you do? Stanmer Community Garden Group is a gardening group for vulnerable adults.  It is run by

Here on the Green Fingers blog we’ve been keen to draw attention to the brilliant work that gardening groups have been doing around Britain to help their communities. It’s fantastic to see the dedication of gardeners and volunteers who try to bring their communities together by working hard to improve and transform their environments. There were some outstanding achievements in 2015 which have really inspired us. It’s worth taking a look at some of the highlights of the best work that we found last year, as well as some of

Community gardening is a growing movement in Britain that can really invigorate local communities. A community garden is run by a group of people from the local area who work together to create a beautiful, open green space, often with a focus on fresh produce. Evidence from the USA and Australia, where community gardens have a long history, shows that they can help create a more cohesive community, reduce crime, help young people develop life skills and even prevent childhood obesity through the availability of fresh produce. Even some British

Gardening groups around the UK are devoting their free time to helping others, growing together and creating a space for everyone in their local area to enjoy. The Green Fingers blog will always be dedicated to bringing gardeners and communities together and we think that the spirit these groups have shown deserves to be celebrated. So to share with you a few of the amazing people and projects devoted to their communities, here’s our collection of inspiring community gardening projects from 2015.