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Now that the UK temperature is getting to the dizzy heights of Celsius in the double-digits, it’s actually a pleasure to stop hiding away in my various garden sheds (I have two) and into my garden for a spot of horticulture. It’s at this time of year that I turn to the online gardening experts for a) inspiration on what to plant, b) to tell me that I’m too late to plant what I was going to plant or c) I can plant what I was going to plant but

British Summer Time (BST) officially starts this Sunday, March 27th at 1.00 am GMT when the clocks ‘spring’ forward to 2.00 am BST. We lose one hours sleep but we get more daylight in return. An exchange I’ll happily accept. The longer days, coupled with the fantastic weather we’ve had recently, mean that many of us will be out and about in our gardens in greater numbers. Unfortunately, so too will the thieves – at least according to claims-data recently released by insurance group Aviva. Aviva’s claims-statistics for the past

Here’s a conversation I overheard recently: “It’s a Dawes Geneva” she announced proudly to her friend at the school gates. There was no doubt that it was a fine looking cycle. “It’s fully-loaded too with a wicker basket, panniers and a tail rack. What? Oh! About £700.” she added in response to her friend’s quizzical look. This is a common discussion this time of year; school mums, dad’s and office workers upgrading their city hybrids after several winters-worth of riding have abused their old ones. The more sportier amongst us

With increasing awareness of what we should be eating as a nation, people in the UK are taking a genuine interest in what is ending up on the kitchen table, and the term ‘Grow Your Own’ is sprouting up everywhere. A leading UK garden centre chain, has seen an increase in ‘grow your own’ sales in 2009, by up to 82% compared with the same period last year, with sales of over 100,000 tomato plants in just a two month period. Many of us like to know exactly where our

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